June 8, 2011

See many more smiles that Dr. Brent Engelberg has created at his Buffalo Grove and Arlington Heights Cosmetic Dental Practice



  • Beth was an attractive woman who had two badly broken front teeth.  One of the teeth had a crown (cap) that was bulky and showed metal, but was also very fragile.  When trauma happens to a tooth, there are times where a root canal needs to be done, and in these situations, the teeth become weak, and posts are often placed.  Unfortunately, posts actually weaken the teeth more, and if they are made of metal can fracture the root(s) of a tooth.  Dr. Engelberg replaced the previously placed metal post with a bonded core and fiber post (that is tooth colored and flexible to a degree), and replaced the crown on the front tooth.  In addition, the three other front teeth received porcelain veneers to complete the smile with ideal proportions and contours.  Teeth whitening finished the entire upper arch, and Beth can now smile with total confidence!
  • Carrie had great teeth, but they were not totally lined up, and she wanted them much whiter than teeth whitening could accomplish alone.  Combine her desire for a perfect smile with Dr. Engelberg, and you can see the result!  An absooutely breathtaking smile that is unique to Carrie.  Dr. Engelberg completed this case in one of his live patient courses with 6 other dentists observing–and Carrie did a fantastic job!  There were eight porcelain veneers completed in the upper arch for a smile that really shines!  There really shoult not be a cosmetic dental case where the teeth are “cookie cutter,” and Dr. Engelberg and his ceramist ensure that each case is unique to the individual.
  • Christine had several bite issues, and this caused her teeth to constantly chip and break.  In addition, there were spaces between her front teeth, and she wanted them cosmetically enhanced.  The solution was to complete veneers and crowns on all of her upper teeth.  Dr. Engelberg completed the crowns and veneers in phases, but made sure to give Christine ideal function and esthetics together when delivering the restorations.  The all porcelain veneers and crowns now make Christine even more beautiful, and are perfect for her smile!  As time as passed, the lower teeth that needed to be completed have also been done, but they now oppose the correctly functioning and cosmetically ideal upper teeth, so it is very predictable to complete the lower teeth without any concerns!
  • Jaime had cosmetic concerns about her front teeth.  First off, they were mottled in appearance, and looked splotchy in terms of color.  Next, the central incisors (two front teeth) were very large, and Jaime felt they should be more narrow.  This was perfect for Dr. Engelberg, as she also wanted her lateral incisors (just lateral to the central incisors) to be larger and have the gumline go up higher.  using a dental laser, Dr. Engelberg reshaped the gumline position of her teeth, and placed ten porcelain veneers for Jaime.  The result is a smile that has been in place for years and seen Jaime get married and start a family–in fact, Jaime got engaged in her provisional (temporary) veneers!  The good thing is that Dr. Engelberg’s temporaries look very nice, and her fiancee thought they were the final veneers!