Teeth Whitening

White Smiles Motivate Men

September 25, 2015

Dental Bridge ChicagoAn online poll given by the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) to general dentists a few years ago found that women are more likely to stick to their regular six month check-up schedule than men. The number of men going to the dentist is on the rise, however, but the motivation behind these dental visits is not overall health. A man’s modern day quest for a better looking smile to succeed more easily in the business world is partially behind a surge of male patients asking about procedures such as teeth whitening.

Avoiding the Dentist

Forty-five percent of the dentists questioned in the AGD poll believed that their male patients did not see a need to go to the dentist. Embarrassment, lack of time, and not wanting to bother finding a new dentist, were also cited as explanations for fewer male patients.  While some men may still feel the societal pressure of maintaining a “macho” image, Read more »

The Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

March 19, 2015

Teeth WhiteningThere are more teeth whitening options now than ever before. You can get in your car and go to a grocery or drugstore at any given moment and find an overwhelming amount of ready-to-use teeth whitening kits. Will they work? Unfortunately, there is no guarantee. It’s possible that you could see some marked improvement, but you are taking a risk that you may completely throw your money away. The health of your teeth can also be in question. The only way to ensure worthwhile results that won’t damage your teeth is to consult with a cosmetic dentist like Dr. Brent Engelberg.

Why do Teeth Stain?

You can thank your tooth enamel for protecting your teeth from decay. When you eat and drink, you provide harmful bacteria the opportunity to create damaging acid and reproduce in large numbers. Plaque is formed and can stick to your teeth. Within a few days, plaque that is not removed will harden to tartar. So healthy enamel is essential for a healthy mouth. With all of that work, enamel takes a beating, and it’s only natural that it will dull, yellow, and stain over time. White smiles create a youthful appearance, but even the teeth of children and teenagers can be yellower than desired. Generally, dentists will not whiten any children under the age of 13.

Two Types of Teeth Whitening

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Is there a Berry Good Natural Whitening Option?

February 27, 2014

Incredible SmileToday is National Strawberry Day. Do you think strawberries are good for your teeth? Your gut instinct might tell you that strawberries are acidic and full of sucrose, so how can they have positive elements for dental health? Well, if you want a bright, white smile, strawberries might help. Arlington Heights dentist, Dr. Brent Engelberg offers professional whitening options for patients. Once you have taken the whitening plunge, you may want some maintenance options. How about strawberries?

Professional Teeth Whitening

For fast in-office teeth whitening or professional level take-home whitening kits, Dr. Engelberg has you covered. Zoom!® and Boost® are fast whitening systems that combine professional whitening gel and laser light for immediate and significant results. Whitening at home has the advantages of allowing sporadic touch-ups when your smile starts to fade. However, too much exposure to bleaching chemicals is bad for your teeth. Zoom! and Boost are safe, but you only want to go this route so often or you can end up with teeth sensitivity. Read more »

The “White” Solution for a More Youthful Appearance

April 10, 2013

Straight TeethWhat do you consider a worthy investment? Stocks and bonds? A great long-term relationship? How about your smile?  Sure, we dentists are especially interested in how people’s teeth appear, but it’s proven that smiles make a big impression on everyone that you come in contact with. Do you want to appear young, vibrant, and healthy? Be sure to do what you can to maintain the whitest, brightest smile possible. There are several whitening options for teeth that are available from your Arlington Heights dentist, Dr. Brent Engelberg. Read more »

Arlington Heights Dentist Enlightens on Teeth Whitening

October 29, 2012

White smiles are more than just a trend. The confidence of restoring your smile to brighter, whiter days can take years off of your appearance. Because there are so many over-the-counter options that might look like money-savers, but are, in fact, money-wasters, more patients are turning to their dentists for help to reverse discoloration of their teeth. Whitening options for teeth have come a long way. You can even team up with your dentist to achieve professional-level whitening in the comfort of your home. Your Arlington Heights dentist, Dr. Brent Engelberg, explains the benefits and options involved with at-home teeth whitening.

Ready for Your Close-Up?

White teeth have become a Hollywood standard, and celebrities often set trends when it comes to desired appearance in our American culture. Actors and actresses, whose facial features are going to be magnified on a movie screen, naturally need to tend to their grins. Yellowing and stains on teeth are common signs of aging. Teeth whitening can take years off of your appearance, and give you an inner confidence that encourages you to smile bigger and brighter. To that end, Hollywood is on the money when it comes to whitening teeth. Read more »

Presidential Smile Facts from your Arlington Heights Dentist

October 17, 2012

No matter what your political affiliation, there’s no argument that smiles play a role in a presidential campaign. Did you watch the big debate last night? You may not realize it, but a candidate’s smile can subconsciously affect how you feel about them. Your Arlington Heights dentist, Dr. Brent Engelberg, will highlight some interesting facts about presidential smiles.

Presidential Teeth Bare Down on Election Results

The Impulse Research Corporation, on behalf of the American College of Prosthodontists (ACP) conducted a survey back in 2004 to see which candidate had the best smile. The race was close in this particular arena, but 62 percent preferred George W. Bush’s smile to the grin of John Kerry. Remember who won that election? Read more »

Chicago Cosmetic Dentist Explains What to Do for Yellowed Teeth

June 25, 2012

Summer is full of photo opportunities. You may make appearances in pictures from weddings, graduations, vacations, and other picture-worthy events. Looking through these pictures, do you see yourself often sporting the closed-lipped smile? Are you unsatisfied with the color of your smile compared with your friends’ pearly whites? Our Arlington Heights cosmetic dentist offers treatments to help you smile brightly in every picture this summer.

How to Whiten Yellowed Teeth

Your smile undergoes a daily beating from your morning coffee, to your soft drink at lunch, and glass of wine with dinner. Dark beverages are notorious for not only harming your tooth enamel, but also gradually darkening your smile. Overtime, the soft dentin beneath your tooth enamel collects coloration from what you eat and drink. If you have tried over-the-counter whitening products, you may be disappointed with the outcome because many store bought whitening systems do not address these deep tooth stains.

Arlington Heights In-Office Teeth Whitening

For deep tooth stain removal, professional teeth whitening from your Chicago cosmetic dentist is a must. Dr. Brent Engelberg offers teeth whitening in Arlington Heights that fits your needs. At Arlington Heights Smiles, we offer Zoom!  and Boost professional whitening methods for brightening stained teeth. These popular in-office whitening procedures can take as little as one hour.

At-Home Whitening in Arlington Heights

For patients who prefer gradual smile whitening or the convenience of at-home treatment, Dr. Engelberg provides a variety of take-home whitening kits. You can choose from Nite White, Day White, or Opalescence lines of at-home whitening. Each is designed with your personal preferences and schedule in mind. Read more »

Chicago Cosmetic Dentist Discusses Permanent Tooth Stains

May 4, 2012

Have you ever used over the counter whitening products and found that they were ineffective? Store bought whitening rinses and toothpastes only address surface stains. Their bleaching agents lack the potency to lift deep, permanent stains from teeth. Did you know that there are two types of permanent tooth stains? Our expert cosmetic and restorative dentist, Dr. Brent Engelberg explains the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic tooth stains.

Extrinsic Tooth Stains

Extrinsic tooth stains are caused by consuming darkly colored foods and beverages, using tobacco, and aging. These types of stains involve the outer structures of teeth.  Dark molecules found in certain foods and beverages such as wine, tea, coffee, and berries bind to tooth enamel. Some metal ions may discolor the outer surfaces of teeth as well. Plaque deposits on teeth may discolor tooth enamel when certain types of chemical reactions are present.

Intrinsic Tooth Stains

Intrinsic stains affect the inner surfaces of teeth such as the dentin. These types of stains may be caused by extensive decay, damage to the inside of the tooth, excessive fluoride treatments, and certain medications. When the inside of the tooth darkens, Dr. Engelberg will determine the cause of intrinsic discoloration. Intrinsic tooth stains may be addressed by internal bleaching and restorations such as crowns or porcelain veneers. Read more »

Chicago Smile Makeover Quiz

April 11, 2012

Do you envy the illustrious and flawless smiles of your favorite celebrities? A beautiful looking smile is an important social asset. If your smile is gapped, stained, or crooked, you are probably embarrassed to smile at others. More than likely, you have a friend or coworker who has improved their smile with cosmetic dentistry. If you’re wondering whether cosmetic dentistry is right for you, take the short quiz below.

Are you a candidate for cosmetic dentistry?

1.       Do you have chipped teeth?

2.       Are your teeth permanently stained from tobacco, wine, or coffee?

3.       Do you have gaps between your teeth?

4.       Are your teeth crooked?

5.       Do your teeth appear smaller than they should because of excessive gum tissue?

6.       Would you like to replace old, metal dental work such as fillings or crowns?

7.       Are you missing any teeth?

8.       Are your teeth worn down?

9.       Do the edges of your teeth appear jagged or uneven?

10.   Do you believe that your smile’s imperfections negatively affect your social or professional life? Read more »

Teeth Whitening Trivia from Your Buffalo Grove Dentist

April 3, 2012

Spring is here! That means that the next few months will be packed with special events. Chances are your calendar is booked with weddings, graduations, formal dances, and hopefully a vacation or two. At Arlington Heights Smiles, spring is busy for us, too. Many patients seek to whiten their smiles before big events. Today, it may seem like the pursuit of a pearly, white smile is unique to modern society; however, you might be surprised to learn that human beings have been concerned about the appearance of their smiles for thousands of years. Arlington Heights cosmetic dentist, Dr. Brent Engelberg and our team have compiled some interesting teeth whitening.

The History of Teeth Whitening

  • The chew stick, used during 3,000 BC was used to clean teeth and remove surface stains. With one frayed end, the chew stick acted as a rudimentary toothbrush.
  • Ancient Egyptians invented the first toothpaste. It was made of wine vinegar and ground pumice stone. Although this mixture removed temporary surface stains, we suspect that its abrasive components damaged tooth enamel. Read more »