Do You Need A Gum Lift?

April 26, 2016

engelberggumliftDo you have a gummy smile? This refers to excessive gingival tissue, which can make the teeth appear small, uneven, and hurt the esthetics of your smile. Fortunately, the issue can easily be treated with cosmetic dentistry. Do you need a gum lift? If so, talk to our team today.

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5 Reasons To See A Dentist

April 21, 2016

engelbergseeadentistYou know that to maintain optimal oral health you should see the dentist at least once every six months. Outside of this, you should also see your dentist should any worrying symptoms develop that could indicate a potential problem. There are a number of reasons to see a dentist, from persistent toothaches to unexplained jaw pain.

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Do You Need A Dental Bridge?

April 19, 2016

engelbergdentalbridgeAs we’ve mentioned before in our blog, tooth loss can have a negative impact on both your appearance and your overall oral health. In order to enjoy a whole smile again, you will need to talk to your dentist about tooth replacement options, such as a dental bridge. Do you need a dental bridge?

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